On vacation + some thoughts

We’re finally up to spend some time in the alps again, despite restrictions and curfews. We’re going to the family house up there and go sleigh riding. Everything will be closed and it’s just for the sake of changing air and do something fun for the kids. At the same time last year we’d just found out about covid and I remember being the only one taking it seriously and starting getting scared of this newly discovered virus… but enough about that crap now. Let’s focus on the now and here and all the good things.

The kids were so excited this morning when we woke them up at 5:30, they think the journey is the adventure as much as the adventure itself. I love it. We had a quick breakfast and stuffed the van with pillows, plaids and snacks. We always pack the car the night before so we just have to get dressed and take the last things we need. We also made a big thermos of coffee and then we locked up and off we went!

5 hours later we rolled into the driveway in Bourg Saint Maurice and first thing the kids did was running around in the garden screaming “we’re here, we’re here, we’re here” while Alva threw snow up in the air, as pictured :)

We’ll stay for a week and my plan is to pop in here a bit more to restart the documenting of our life as I did back in the blog days. I spend less and less time on social media but my blog has always felt different and so much more close up and personal than all those never ending sources of junk. Even though it’s surely not that different but it just feels like that to me. So I wish to do it more, document and blog without any pretentions. Maybe the only ones that will read this are my kids in 20 years from now and that would actually be the most awesome thing, being in the moment and writing for the future.

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