Les arcs 1800

Today we decided to go up to Arc 1800 to sleigh ride a bit before lunch. The sun was shining from a deep blue sky and the temperature was about 15 degrees Celsius. About 14 degrees to many for me in the end of February but at least we got lots of snow. Every chair ride is closed and the activities are reduced to what you can do by foot. Today we brought the sleighs but tomorrow we’ll try to climb the mountain with our snowboards to get some true mountain air and maybe an adrenaline rush or two! We usually go a week around Christmas and then one in February and even one in April if the snow conditions allow it so you can imagine our frustration this year… I’m not encouraging travel at these times but since we have the family house about 5 hours from home I allow myself to be ok with going there a couple of times even during COVID.

Back to our day. We took the van and went up, the kids were happy to see the snow again and the boys ran uphills right away and did their thing. They’re nine and ten now, quite independent. That’s also why I don’t catch them on photo as often. Alva is almost four and have a specific opinion about everrrything. She loves snow but was less impressed slopes and her motivation was zero, no sleigh riding for this little lady, thank you good bye! So we split up, one with the boys and the other with Alva. We often end up like that, half family activities, but it’s okay. I went downhill as I was ten (without breaking anything) and we had a great time up there at 1800 meters! I love winter, mountains and snow much fun!

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