Gift Wrapping

This Christmas almost all our gifts will be bought second hand. Toys and books are so easy to find online, some of the board games we bought are never even opened. But this little gem is on top of all. It’s a photographed Moomin story built in miniatures and then put into a book. I read it when I was little and I found it on a Swedish book trading site, I’m so, so happy! I know my kids will go crazy about it and to read in Swedish for them is my little happiness ♥️

But now to the wrapping part. I bought a couple of rolls of recyclable paper, they don’t use chlorine bleach anymore for their paper so it’s the best I could found now in quarantine mode. I’ll also use fabric and paper from last year plus lots of kraft paper you receive when ordering online. I bought a stamp set from Crate Paper and some cut outs + washi tape and it was so fun to wrap this first Christmas gift. I’ve decided to make several a day this year to not find myself panic wrapping the night before Christmas like always. So now I enjoy the process and I can craft away. I’ll show you more when they’re done!

Happy Friday to you!

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