Kid’s apps for rainy days


Summer vacations are fully on and the kids have their best time! But what to do on a rainy day with all games played, all drawings drawn and all toys spread over the house? Well, some screen time!

We’re on a 1 hour per week schedule for our boys, but please don’t get that wrong, we are no wonder parents, just lucky enough to have two boys with just a year apart and a lot of Playmobils and Lego… Like, a lot.

So, for games and apps, I like it when it’s well done, pretty illustrations and with a nice purpose. No bang-bang or such. And seriously, if your kids don’t know about any other games they will play for hours with what they got, because all kids likes screens…
I wont be doing any reviews, just showing you a preview. Go ahead and download!

• • •


Aniscience, a super cute game on discovering the forest:

• • •


The Unstoppables – help the four friends free Tofu the dog from the hands of his kidnapper! 

• • •


pettsonPettson & Findus, a popular Swedish children’s book about Pettson and his cat and their little world filled with adventures!

Happy Sunday!


Les vacances, c’est génial, mais quoi faire les jours de pluie quand on a joué tous les jeux, dessiné tout les dessins et la maison est en vrac? Une petite heure d’écran bien sur ;) Voilà une selections de mes préférés!

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