• Alva 3 months •


Weight: (25/07) 5890g
Height: 61,5 cm
Size in baby wear: 3-6 months

Alva has evolved so much in one month! She is now a little curious baby that loves to spend time in her lounger on the floor when we cook, on the table when we eat, likes (for short periods) to hold her head really high while doing tummy time and adores to be held and follow along around the house for all everyday tasks!


Like this, at her absolute favorite place, on my shoulder. She is there when I cook, blog, cleans, doing laundry – whatever I do she’s with me. I could take the carrier but it works better like this. In the Babybjörn she’s good for 10 minutes awake and if she falls asleep I don’t dare to take the risk to wake her up when putting her down :) so it gets really heavy.


Awake habits: She has grown so much and are developing all kinds of skills. She now reaches for things with her hands, grabs things, pushes toys with her feet and puts all that comes in her way in her mouth. Toys, plushies, her clothes, our clothes, our hands – everything! She is also liking tummy time more and more and with the new baby gym


She can stay like this and look at her mobile for long periods of time, just observing while sucking on her hand and then say something like ‘baaa’ or ‘gaarrr’. Cutest thing in town!


Happy baby!


She discovered her hands a couple of weeks ago and I somehow managed to get that on photo! Maybe not the most flattering but hey, it’s for the memories! ;)

More flattering though ♥


Someone’s a bit cranky… and that bring us to the sleep chapter!


Sleeping habits: Oh boy… Up until we moved to Mat’s parent’s place it was all good. We started to get a good routine with one feed between midnight and 6, a longer nap around 10 til noon and then a big one in the afternoon, around 3-4 hours. Bedtime around 19-21.


She most often fell asleep on our bed during the day but I tried to put her in the crib if possible with pacifier + bunny and the mobile playing a song.

This is from the first time she fell asleep without being rocked/fed and I got so exited I even posted it on my insta stories :)


Because the thing that changed already at home was that she doesn’t always need to be rocked, held or fed to fall asleep. Now it works with the pacifier and her little bunny on her head to calm down. She actually fell asleep all by herself one day, I mean alone without me in the same room! She was in her Moses basket upstairs and I went down to look for her blanket. When I came back a minute later she was already asleep and snored like a little animal. Love on that.


The couch worked fine too

But now, here in our “summer house”. With the boys on vacation. New rooms, smells and noises. She has completely changed upside down. Wakes up 2 or 3 times at night (!), naps one hour, stays awake for two and then goes to bed around 19-22. One day she only napped for 40 minutes. 40 minutes in one whole day… and of course the less she sleeps, the less she sleeps. But she is a happy baby and doesn’t seem that affected so it’s a either a growth spurt and she’s fine or just her having a hard time to adapt but is fine so I have stopped worrying and we’ll see in September when we move back home if we can get back on a good track.


Ways to sleep at home in June


Nursing: Well that has changed too. From being a regular eater every 3-4 hour, with a long break up at 6-7 hours at night, she can now eat once an hour and doesn’t go more than 4 hours max at night… Don’t know if she has a growth spurt or just sensitive to changes for this too. But she is gaining weight as she should and her chubby little legs are the yummiest to be so I let her eat when she wants. I thought I would only breastfeed for 3-4 months this time but I’m nooo way ready to stop. It’s such a wonderful thing.


Cute info: Her eyes are getting darker and more green or something. It’s really hard to tell. But one thing is sure, they are beautiful! Her most used nicknames are for now Lala, Alvapinou, Bobban and Vava. She laughs when it’s time for diaper change. She laughs when I pick her up after a nap. She gives me the biggest smile when she’s in her baby gym and I bend down to tickle her. She smiles when I come back into the room if I left. She smiles in fact almost all day.



We love you!

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