Pimp my ride – pram version


This is gonna be part 1 of my “Pimp My Pram” series :) Here’s why!
Unfortunately none of us kept our prams or strollers for our boys so we had to buy one for Alva. Of course we could have bought one second hand but I saw this bundle for a black and white one from Bébé9, a French store with their own brand and it’s super light, easy to handle and fold and came in a pack of 3. It was 400€ for the pram, stroller and maxi cosy so I’m really pleased with our choice, quite a catch!
But… it’s not excitingly pretty.

So I have decided to give it a little lift. New fabric, new handle, pretty toys and practical accessories! Here’s how it looks today:


I will change the black fabric of the hood to the same I used for Alva’s play mat, it’s a grey linen with floral print and it’s gonna give the stroller a less ‘plastic’ look. I also found a brown leather cover for the handle on Amazon and I’m looking for hooks to go with it. As you can hear, I’m all in to my pimping here and it’s gonna be fun to show you the progress!

First out are the toys! I think my fave is the one with the bunnies because we call Alva “Alvapinou”. Lapinou is a French word for bunny and she is for real our little hunny bunny! ♥ But the lama from Oyoy is so pretty too!

1. Horse 2. Bunnies 3. Lama 4. Cats 5. Swans 6. Sillys 7. Bear

Ps. Stroller, pram, pushchair, I didn’t know there were so many words for it, in Swedish we just say kids wagon LOL


Je vais faire un peu de “tuning” pour notre poussette de bébé9. Elle est super, bon prix et facile à utiliser mais pas fantastiquement jolie et c’est ça que je vais changer! Suivez-moi pour la serie de Pimp Your Poussette! :D


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