November outfits

Even though here in Montpellier the temperature is around +16 today, grey skies and rain storms are just around the corner. So, here is what I suggest you can wear to enlighten such a grey, chilly weather but still staying warm and chic! I love everything that is combinated with a legging – a dress, a skirt or an oversized sweater. Just add a big scarf and thicker leggings, or why not a pair of mittens, to asure not freezing your butt off!


I think I wear this kind of outfit 5 days a week, it’s easy to pick out and perfect for busy mornings! That is an utterly important point for me. Time! I would like to show you my combination of things but I just don’t manage to take a pic, how do the fancy blogging girls find the time?

In the morning our family is just running around like dizzy hens and when kids are finally dropped off at school and I arrive at work I have to… work. And then I totally forget and hello bedtime and pyjamas… #notenoughtime


I also got a thing for thigh high boots, I saw a pair at H&M that I think will come home with me. Perfect with leggings!


You can find all the images and their sources HERE

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