We decided to have a little sneak start on the December activities and make some Christmas cookies. Well, I wanted to do some “pepparkakor”, Swedish gingerbread cookies, Swede as I am and spend an afternoon in the kitchen with the flour flying in the air sideways with the laughter. Turned out I can be a bit overly romantic and naive since, a: the dough is kind of complicated, b: it needs to rest in the fridge for 48 hours which mean we could start Monday morning *ahem* and c: a+b made it impossible. But shame on those who give up!




We decided to go on the simple dough for “gateaux sablé”, shortbread cakes, that you can buy all prepared and ready in all French supermarkets. Just roll out the dough and get going! 

But some preparations were needed and the Man with a M took care of the dishes etc. Isn’t he the most handsome man in the world? #theanswerisyes



And of course he played along with us, that is one of the million reasons I love him to the moon and back and forwards again.




Some got it faster than others…



And look, me again! On a photo!



And the final result above! Look below for my inspiration source that rrreally shows our cookie fail, ha ha! But hey, we had fun!


♥ Have a nice evening! ♥

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