Golden Afternoon

As you might know now, we like to take the kids for some after school adventures in the woods, vineyards or beaches around here. A couple of evenings ago we went to the closest fields, a five minute walk from the house. We tried to catch up the last, golden beams before the sun set and you need to hurry! The sun goes down at 17h40 here now so it gets dark really fast.


 I need to practice on the “golden hour” settings with my DSLR, I think it can be really nice! And Viggo needs to work on his fake smile, gosh, he’s not even 4 and already knows how to fake it to get mama to quit the paparazzi mode!


Note to self: turn down the ISO for less noice…




This made me laugh so hard! Hi Rudolf!



I am pictured! Holy moly! The photographer herself! #rarethingshappen The settings weren’t right tho, so I’ll be in black and white… Lol


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