Decorating the tree

There were a lot of oooh’s and aaah’s when we decorated the tree this afternoon, Alva and me. She opened the first box of decorations and thought it was filled with so much fun and prettiness she stopped to admire each one of them. Then she decided it was more fun to play with them than to hang them up so I did most of the decking of the tree. The boys were in school and dad at work but we wanted to surprise them so we started without them. Our weeks with the boys always starts on Fridays so I thought it would be so cosy for them to come home to a pretty Christmas tree all lit up…

They didn’t. They clearly wanted to be there and even if last year they put up like 3 decorations and then dispeared to play with lego, this year it’s different. Oh boy, it’s hard with 8-9 year olds, they’re big boys one day and babies the other… oh well, the tree is up and it’s so pretty. And Alva and me had a cosy moment. And I must add I had saved “their” ornaments to hang in their tree in the kids room, so the Christmas spirit is still going strong! I’ll take a picture tomorrow morning as soon as I get up so you can see, I love the Christmas tree in the early light of winter dawn.

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