The tree is in!

Yesterday evening we went out for the Christmas tree and this is a very important moment to me. Each year, same procedure. The rest of the family watch the show “mama pick the tree” that can vary from 10 to 40 long minutes and consist of me going “that one, or no that one, or maybe that one?” I mean, the tree is the key to a happy Christmas right? Ok, only kidding but I do tend to take a while before I find THE tree! But this year it just stood there right in the entrance at the fir dealer :) So we got it packed and I also picked a small one for the boys room, we already have in the playroom because this year I’m all in for creating scented childhood memories! We chose the Norway spruce, the one that really smell fir and not the Nordmann fir that we’ve picked the last couple of years. But now I’m back to my childhood traditions and we’re in for a lot of scent and fallen needles!

Alva thought it was so pretty and admired it for at least a minute with her double chin out and she can’t wait until tomorrow when we’ll decorate it!


This will be her first Christmas to really be in on all the wonderful things about this season, she’s getting so big…

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