Meet Professor Goof Ball

You might already know that I call my daughter Alva ‘love ball’. Because she’s a round little piece of love. But I also have another kind of ball, as loved as Alva of course, but it’s a goof ball and it’s my son Viggo.

I was putting away the Christmas stars until next year when he found a piece of metal that goes with them. And thought they would be perfect as goggles for his painting. His vision was multiplied by 17 according to him and I believe it :D

That was in between pointing his eyes out but ya know, LOL My goof ball of love.

Have a happy Monday, here we have storm going on and I have Viggo here for the day. He’s still sick and on cortisone for his coughing since last week, so his dad dropped him off before work so I can care for him all day. Kinda cosy even if I feel sorry for him being home from school to just cough, cough and cough…

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