Early bird pleasures

This night I woke up what I thought was around 2-3 am and felt unusually rested. Alva was still sleeping and I wondered how much time I had before she would wake up again, she’s almost always synchronized to wake up when I go back to sleep. Then I looked at my phone and realized why I felt so awake, it was 6:30, which means Alva slept for an almost 7 hours non-stop! Crazy cat! First ever! Hallelujah!

I’m so happy even though I know it was surely just an exception and this night she will wake up every second hour again, I feel that it’s possible! She CAN sleep for a longer period without feeding! So I celebrated this silently (M is still sleeping after his geek night out) with a truly non-healthy bowl vanilla yoghurt with good ol’ Frosties, banana and blueberries! Add a slice of white bread with salami and a mug of hot chocolate ‘kids style’ and you get my level of festivity this morning!

Have a happy Sunday friends! :)

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