A stop at Rosendals Trädgård


Hello new week and going back to school! We’re back to ‘normal’ routines after two weeks of fall break and we are on full, cosy autumn mode! But I still have some posts left to share with you from our trip to Sweden. Let’s have a look at the lovely café at Djurgården in Stockholm – Rosendals Trädgård:


They have an absolutely lovely café in the greenhouses, decorated with flowers, lamps and candles. We visited while it was pouring outside and we wanted to stay for lunch. Unfortunately they didn’t have anything for kids so we decided to go elsewhere. So I just snapped these with my phone and then we left. But we will be back, that’s for sure!



Looks so yummy!


I would have loved to eat under this roof while the rain was hammering but hey, gotta be a good mama :)


One day I will have my own little greenhouse and this is how I will decorate it…


Pickles and such.


Bye, bye Rosendal, see you next time!


Salut la nouvelle semaine et le retour à l’école! On a bien repris la routine mais j’ai encore quelques billet à de notre voyage en Suede à partager avec vous. Comme par exemple ce jour quand on est allés au jardin de Rosendal, où ils ont un super joli café dans un des serres où on voudrait passer toute l’aprem… si on a pas des enfants qui ont super faim et qui ne veux rien manger autre que hotdog! ;) Non, j’avoue qu’il y avait rien pour eux mais la prochaine visite à Stockholm on irai prendre le goûter là bas!

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