A rainy Tuesday in Sweden

On our third day in Sweden we had planned to spend the afternoon and dinner at my aunt’s house with my cousin, my mom and all the husbands. But we decided to make a stop in “Vitabergsparken” before going there. It’s a beautiful park in Stockholm where I knew the boys could run around a bit before going, in an attempt to have a bit less crazy kids at the family gathering.

Despite the horrible weather, it was cold and it was raining “småspik” (Swedish for raining a lot when it’s cold = like little nails), it was beautiful with and we even picnicked standing under a tree!

We found the swings and spent almost an hour here!

Trying to get out of the baby sized ones… :D


So much fun!



Alva slept through the whole thing.

No screaming kid could wake up this little baba.

Posing :)

Beautiful autumn.

Praising the weather LOL


Then we went to my aunts place to warm up by the fireplace but that’ll be another post, gotta feed Alva now!


Le mardi en Suede on allait chez ma tante pour voir la famille mais d’abord on est passé par un joli parc en centre ville pour faire courir les enfants un peu. Les choses se passent mieux s’ils sont un peu fatigués, les parents comprendront, donc malgré le temps horrible (pluie glacé, ou en suédois – il pleuvait des petits clous) on a essayé des balançoires, couru dans les feuilles mortes et on a meme pique-niqué sous un arbre! Puis on est arrivé chez ma tante pour se réchauffer devant la cheminée. La suite plus tard, faut que j’allaite Alva!

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