Today we just spent the day inside me and the kids. We cleaned their room, drew, made a work shop and took away the big rug upstairs for the summer. Since we’re “moving” next week, we’ll have Mathieu’s parents house for 2 months, we’re preparing toys, clothes etc for the summer. Alva slept from 10 to 14 and then had a bath with daddy in the evening. Now I’m sitting here alone in front of my computer with a cup of decaf while the 3 kids sleep and the man is off at his friend’s place playing an online game. The door to our terrace is open and I can feel the summer night freshness and hear the swallows chasing the insects. I love these moments.


I said yesterday that my friend Karen has a lovely little home with details in every corner and I just needed to share the photos left on my memory card. Let’s have a look!


Greens all over.


Vintage player and tuner, Karen’s own from her childhood. We are xennials you know! :)




Our big kids.


A beautiful pear thingie made for her sister.


And Karen who as a good xennial will play songs on her old tuner via bluetooth! :D


Français par google ici

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