A day chez my bff


Do you have that one person in your life that you can call your best friend? The one you can call whenever you need and in the same time not speak to for a while and then talk like you met yesterday? I have that person and I’m lucky.
My bff is Karen and we met 12 years ago, feels like yesterday. I’ve seen her kids grow and she has seen mine and I call that pure happiness.


We decided to have lunch together before the vacations starts for real. So I packed the kids in the car and off we went. As soon as we arrived I picked up my camera to document. Karen has a delightful taste, a mix between Californian mid-century vintage + ethnic and every corner is photogenic.


We listened to music.


Prepared lunch.


I forgot to say, we listened to music from vinyls!


Alva + the cat


MaiLinh tried my sunnies.


I had Alva on my shoulder most of the time.


And the boys were… boys.


And then we had a hotdog party in the shade.

Another perfect day with friends + family!


Français par google ici


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