Almost up to date


I’m almost up to date now with my insta photos! We celebrated mother’s day and Viggo got me these beautiful roses and Alva got plenty of new clothes. She has already grown out of all the 1 month stuff and is now in between sizes, she looks like a little clown sometimes with her big clothing. We have our 2 month checkup next week so we’ll see how “tall” she is.


Summer is here and we’re spending as much time outside as we can. Daytime Alva and I are on our terrace or in my in-laws’ garden and when the boys get back from school we try to go to the skate park every evening. It’s so nice to have sunshine until 21:00 and when we go there at six it’s a bit cooler. Alva and I stay in the shadow and the boys rides like crazy until they are wet with sweat!


I had my 6 weeks post birth checkup and we got stuck in trafic on our way home. We went to the beach and I breastfed in the shadow while the boys played on the shore. My mom also came to see Alva for her first time, we took a gazillion photos to only get fails  and we walked around in the neighborhood. And Viggo and me had a sewing workshop for his fox while Alva napped.



And we finished off the month of May with more beaching, Alva in too big clothes, me making selfies with insta stories new function and looking at plenty of Swedish tv via internet. That is one darn good thing, replay.

And that’s it, the May recap is done, feels good. Now I hope to get some time to edit the ‘real’ photos taken with my Nikon…


Traduction en français par google par ici

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