Keeping up with the… Danielson’s

So, ready for act II? I realized that one month of instagram means quite some photos so I have more to share. I think I will print them out too and add to Alva’s baby album, sometimes the “real” instants are more precious than composed pictures.


Viggo is in love with his baby sister. Maybe even a bit too much :) He constantly wants to kiss her on her cheeks and head and I have to repeat all day that she’s fragile and just a baby. But I’m so happy about his feelings.
Out and strolling with Alva and Viggo. I’d like a pair of roller skates to keep up with him while I push the stroller!


Chilly and rainy. I forgot to cover up Alva and felt like a real beginner-mom. Hard to keep up with all the organization. Cute faces makes it easier tho.


The weather is getting warmer and at last Alva can wear the sun hat I bought before her birth. It’s just the cutest and I want 10 more! I also try (even if I fail) to sleep when she sleeps.


Breastfeeding is life! I’m using stories on instagram and I’m so happy they are all saved so I can relive the real, unfiltered moments of our new life with Alva.


Traduction français de Google par ici


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