A couple of days ago I finally received the by me much wanted book “Botanicum”. It’s a lovely piece of inspiration with illustrations that makes me want to grab my watercolors and just paint away. I picked the botanical one but there’s also “Animalium” and I think that will be the March buy for the boys.

I took the French version so the boys can read and learn. That makes my purchase a bit more legit, right? Not just pretty pictures for mama :)

Pine love

Tomorrow is Sunday and if I get a chance I might sketch up one or two onions from this page!

Today was spent as one of the laziest days in the history. We got up at 8 and literally spent the day until 15h in front of the tv looking at the Olympics. Alva on the rug and us playing with her, eating stuff and just laze away the day. Then I went to the hairdressers and had to wait 3 and a half hours for my hair to dye! Luckily I had my ebook app with me so the time was not completely wasted but still, why does it have to take that much time?! I’m so pleased though and I’ll show you the color tomorrow, it’s grey! When I got back home we made a nachos plate with cheese, corn, hot salsa, salade and sour cream. Divine!

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