Fall break


Hello and happy vacations if you have! We decided to spend this fall break and our week with the kids at the family house up in Les Arcs in the Alps. In Montpellier the season changes is not as visible as up in the mountains and I definitely needed some real autumn colors and walks in the woods. And to spend the day outside with the kids, collecting pine cones, leafs and other stuff. So here we are, biking, having crepes for breakfast and playing adventurers all over!


Vigginouille all dirty and happy


My mandatory winter boots and wool tights


My view from the bed when we wake up. The whole house is all 70s kitch and that’s whats so great about it, the kids can run around all over, nothing is breakable and it all just breathes vacations and family traditions…


Viggo looking concentrated but is just waiting for the next pancake…


…that we make in star and bear shapes, a ritual that never fails. And speaking of rituals, tonight we’re having raclette for the second dinner in a row, something we will never change! So now I’m off preparing cheese, charcuteries and other nom-noms!


On a décidé de passer les vacances de Toussaint avec les enfants dans la maison de famille aux Arcs dans les Alpes. Pour respirer l’air frais, collecter des pommes de pins et autre trésors de la foret. Pour faire du vélo, se balader et juste profiter des couleurs et parfums que la montagne nous offre…  On fait des crêpes pour petit dej tous les jours parce qu’on a le temps, on se promène en boots d’hiver et on est à notre deuxième raclette en deux jours. On se regale comme il faut!


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