We built the boy’s room!

Just a quick post about a fun thing we did last Sunday. Since we are moving (again) and the boys are eager to get to the new house, I decided to calm the spirits with some construction fun. I did this A LOT when I was younger and want the kids to like it as well. And they did. For real. Just take whatever cardboard you got at home, some white paper and pens and let the fantasy run wild. They did everything from curtains to rugs to plants. I just cut and pasted. We did it according to their new room so they can visualize a bit, but there are no limits of this. Have fun!


And the fun continues once it’s done! The bf’s brother and family, who lives in Switzerland, checked my instagram feed and actually added the idea of playing with Playmobil or other miniatures inside! So we did, and then fun had no end!

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