A homemade advent calendar

If you have followed me for a while you know that each year I make the kids a homemade advent calendar. It can be tiny wrapped gifts on a tree branch or like this year, a house in fabric and felt! I did not come up with the idea myself, I actually saw it online at H&M Home and immidately thought I could do that myself. To not buy new stuff when I have so much fabric laying around and also because the one from the store was just a print on fabric. So I took a red linen cloth and some sheets of felt, traced the shapes and then cut out the windows, door, snow etc. I sew around each shape but glued them with a hot glue gun to go a bit faster. The only thing I had to buy were the tiny metal rings that I attatched with some stitches each. All together it’s about 80x40cm and to be extra sturdy I added a wooden rod in the top.

I added some decorations but I plan on adding more each year. I had so much fun doing this but I finished at midnight on the last night so I see this as an ongoing yearly project. Add a little something every year.

Alva was in heaven when she saw it and that’s really what matters, not the content of the little packages. But if you want to know I bought a little set of furniture and accessories second hand to her little sylvanian family. Cheaper and better for our planet.

The one I saw online, the printed one, VS mine in felt.

2 thoughts on “A homemade advent calendar

  1. Wow! That turned out really well! I prefer yours to the one from H&M – so cozy and festive. Merry Christmas! ☺️


    1. Oh thank you! ♥ What a terribly delayed answer this turns out to be, I do apologize! I haven’t been in here lately so I read your lovely comment only now. Have a nice evening!


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