Last day of november

This afternoon we went out to buy some Christmas flowers Alva and I, hyacinths are a must for me, and a last minute solution for the advent calendar for the boys. We decided to do a homemade one as usual. We buy a Lego, count all the pieces and divide them into 24 piles that we put in small bags to hang on the wall calendar. This year we try to buy everything second hand for Christmas and I got two boxes of Lego online. But the person did not send them right away and the package is coming tomorrow… and tomorrow morning we open the first little bag so that went nicely down the drain. So I had to rush out to buy a new one and this evening will be spent sorting 300 tiny pieces of Lego, youpi.

When we got back home Alva had a little dance session, she’s singing along in several songs now and it’s so sweet to watch. She does a ballerina electro thingie and I lean back and watch and laugh, highlight of the day ♥

And then she needs to pause and throws herself on the couch in sea star style, sweet child of mine!

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