October things

Well hello, it’s been a while! Four months can go by in a blink, right? Summer (and covid) went on and autumn came with Alva’s first day of school. Life is strange right now and I’m having ups and downs and I’m ok with that. Since I now have my mornings for myself I’ve been doing a lot of sewing, trying to not put any pressure on myself for opening up my etsy store like planned before the pandemic… just being in the present, enjoy the little and make things just because I want to, not for anyone else.

Up until now Alva only wanted to do colorings but she is now making more and more drawings by herself

We are baking, a lot. I think I make a batch of Swedish cinnamon buns at least twice a week. That’s 80 rolls that easily disappears every week. Yum. But here Alva got some salt dough and made pretty little cookies.

Viggo is really in to drawing comics at the moment and he’s so good at it! He makes the tiniest characters and does not use an eraser, that’s what’s impressing me most! He’s not impressed of me taking his picture though, as you can see.

Look at all the tiny details!

Tonight we’ll just make some more cinnamon rolls, have pizza and watch a movie, a perfect Friday night if you ask me.

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