Nature scavenger hunt


Today was the first day we actually went outside the house all five of us. We have spent every day in the garden and only Mathieu has left for work or me for groceries, so the quarantine has been respected as much as possible. But today we decided that the kids needed to run around in a larger space and since our house is situated at the end of the village and the beginning of the forest, we considered the risk of meeting someone on our path very small. We are allowed a one hour walk per day at 1 km around the house so out we went on a nature scavenger hunt!


Viggo was in all hearted on the hunt ♥

We used a printable I found on instagram from @the.silvan.reverie and it was perfect for Alva that found almost everything on the list! And really, you take an egg box, draw some simple things to find and off you go!

Alva really loved it ♥

She is already in to tiny things and outside the garden there are even more bugs to admire.

The loves of my life.

So if you want to make your walk in the forest, neighborhood or nearest park a bit more exiting, go for a nature scavenger hunt!

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