Egg hunt thrill

This morning it was time to go on an egg hunt! Alva was so thrilled when we pulled out the chicken shaped basket she got last year from mamie & papy since we told her that means we’ll go on a chocolate egg hunt! We’ve been decorating the house, doing traditional Easter twigs and I’ve been explaining to Alva what happens at Easter (the non-religious part of it) so she would look forward to this holidays as I would when I was a kid. Not just for the chocolate eggs but also the crafting, decorations and food. And the sign for spring!

We went down to the garden and then the egg hunt began. Scroll down for a photo overload of a baby girl you never met. I do blog to share my thoughts and interests but also as a photo diary, so bare with me with the Alva-overload! :D

That happy little face!

There was a little lamb hiding in there.


Some eggs were harder to find and we had to look hard…

And some were so obvious that she shouted far away “look mamma, there!”

So happy to find her eggs and the little lamb and big bee in chocolate, so much fun!

You bring me so much joy baby girl!

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