A winebox dollhouse

I got the idea of making something similar when I saw this post on instagram a while ago. I tried to make something exactly like that in Alva’s room and then removed it, you got to have plenty of boxes to get the same feeling, but the idea got stuck in my head for later. So a couple of weeks ago I decided to give it a try and just put some boxes together to make a dollhouse for Alva. It was an immediate success I can tell you! Since this photo was taken we’ve added some floors and I got her a set of wooden furniture, easier to play with for tiny fingers. At first she played with Viggo’s Christmas set from the Mouse Mansion but it’s a bit too fragile. Alva plays with her Maileg baby mice and we made curtains from scrap fabric and printed some photos of windows to make it even cosier. I now see that we have to change the winter windows for some spring scenery!

Mice love ♥

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