The calm can begin


We are all set for Christmas! The cleaning is done, the Swedish meatballs are made and stuffed into the freezer and all the gifts are wrapped! I think it’s the first time I’m really prepared and not in a stressed hurry the hours before the Day. I decided to go small on the “Julbord”, the Christmas food buffet, a Swedish tradition that consist of making plenty of dishes for a huge buffet that takes hours to finish eating. This year we’ll have 8 or so and it’s perfect as that. For the gifts we decided on 7-8 for the boys and 3 for Alva. We also decided to make one surprise gift for each other Mathieu and I and I just added some books and well needed stuff we would buy anyways.

Alva is so ready for Christmas and won’t stop rearranging all the Christmas decor, especially the little tomtenisse we’ve put up on that shelf.

We have 7 of these hanging in windows of all kind.

Viggo is getting this, DIY-kits from The Mouse Mansion, perfect for all kids!

This is a Tomtenisse from my childhood that I made together with my mother ♥

Are you ready for Christmas or do you still have things to do? One thing I can say is that the less things you decide to do the better it gets!


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