Viggo’s first riding lesson

Viggo is more into drawing, reading and making than into sports but this school year we decided to give riding lessons a try! It is a sport but also a way to learn how to communicate and respect others and I think it’s a great booster for self confidence. So we came to the poney club bright and early Wednesday morning (no school here in France) and after some hesitation Viggo overcame his fears and gave it a try! With success! He now wants to “do this every week for 10 years mama” and I couldn’t be happier!

They get to fetch their poney outside and the prepare them all by themselves or with help, such an awesome way to get to know the ponies.

A bit scary when the poney nibbles on your arm…

but then so happy up there!

I’m so proud, the best little person in the world ♥



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