Fall inspiration for Alva’s room!


September is here and with that comes my desire to continue plenty of projects for the house, the kid’s rooms and also all sorts of hobby plans I made during the summer. Because honestly, it was way too hot to want to start any kind of painting, carpenting or diy-project even though we have AC in our house. I’m just not a summer girl and the heat really gets to me, I’ve been longing for september for almost a month now, call me crazy.

But my mind never stops working, I want to create a 70’s feeling in Alva’s room, almost like my own when I grew up, I’m born in 79. I allowed myself to shop two new items but after that it’s all thrifting, diy-ing and upcycling that will be going on over here! So I got the apples bed sheets and the dog and the rest is to be found. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow of here room so I can show you guys what it looks like right now!


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