Evening in Evian

We decided to go out and eat in Evian. It’s only about 20 minutes away from our camp so all took a shower, put on “nicer” clothes and jumped in to the van! It’s was such a lovely feeling to breath some fresh air and the kids were all excited. To get out in the sunset, when you’re supposed to be in bed and knowing there’s a good meal and some fun coming up, all kids loves it, right? Their joy is always contagious and puts me in a childish and oh so wonderful state of mind.

We drove by nice and nicer houses.

This tiny little cottage.

With it’s humble, little gate ;)

Sun going down.

Some evening bathers. Oh summer!

This is where the bottle water comes from if you didn’t know.

It’s a health resort but I think a lot of people try to find the cure here instead…

We don’t care about casinos thought but we care for flowers! And pretty houses!

The heat was still there, 32 at eight a clock. Exactly like back home in Montpellier. Thanks a lot for the fresh mountain air, alps!


My finest.

Sweet pea.

My sweethearts! Then we went for a bite and some fun, I’ll show you later, bye know!


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