Vindry beach

Since it was so much hotter in the alps than expected, we live near Montpellier where we have 30-35 C all summer long, we changed our plans a bit. We thought the alps would give us some fresh 19 degrees and rain but nope, the heat wave hit us hard even here. So instead of visiting castles and forests we decided to spend most time in the Geneva lake’s refreshing water. In the shade we stayed and after a whole morning in the water the boys wanted to run around a bit. Like boys always seem to want. They ran around in a little hillock with cave like openings and played ninja warrior. That was something that Alva couldn’t really accept, to not being allowed to run after her brothers and do exactly what they do, why not mama? Still too little baby girl, that’s just how it is :)

She reminds me of a fancy little bather from the 1920’s.

Telling the boys they need to go in to the shade a bit, one replying I already have shade :D

“Why can’t I run around too?”

My sweetheart.

Getting some help from daddy.

Some dissatisfaction.

That luckily quickly turned into our Little Miss Sunshine again.

Trying to get the gigantic tree on photo but I only brought the 35mm so this is what you get! :D And for you that wonders why the boys are rarely in the pictures, that’s simply because they are 7 and 8 but already acting like teenagers. “Stop taking pics of us all the time pleeeease“. Ok ok ok.


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