Our first camping stove meal

The first meals as campers where sandwiches and picnic food but on day two we decided to try our brand new camping stove! Boiling water for pasta was our first goal and with the lid on it took about 20 minutes to heat it up to boiling point and then 10 more for cooking the pasta. We learnt that you must prepare your meals earlier than you thought, especially when you have hungry kids, and that cooking takes a bit longer but other than that it was super easy!

Alva was so pleased to get to sit with the big ones, her chair was left for her brothers and she just refused to sit “down” there.

Bon appétit!

Close up on the dirty toddler. Spagetti bolognaise has never been easier to eat and clean, eating outdoors is easy parenting :)

Lunch with a view.

Then we just chilled around the tent, the boys reading or playing until Alva fell asleep on the big blue cover.

I tried to take a picture with the timer function before that but without checking the result so here you are, a fine photo fail of the mama. Even the blurry ones counts for memories :D




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