Countryside camping!

This summer we decided to go camping! We are completely beginners at this but we bought a van a couple of weeks ago with the idea of just going wherever we feel for. At first we wanted to go to Sweden and visit my family with a detour to Legoland in Denmark but after 200km the van broke and we had to return back home to get it repaired. Not the best start of the vacations and it took us a week to get back on track to plan another trip, less far from home but we finally decided to go to Switzerland!

First stop was in the French alps since we arrived quite late in the evening and all the campings closes around 20h. We started to set up the tent and it was actually super easy, after an hour we could already put the sleeping bags in there and put the kids to bed. The adult part of the family was quite tired when the kids were all fresh so that took a while but after some reading they finally fell asleep to the sound of cowbells and the soft coo of some pigeons… it was just perfect.

The next morning we woke up to the same cowbells and buzzing bees and we decided to go for a walk in the beautiful landscape before continuing our trip.

Even though we couldn’t go to Sweden this year this felt almost exactly like back home for me, my childhood was spent in this very same nature. We are so lucky to live this.

This is how it’s mostly looks like though, hyperactive boys, screen addicted man and a tiny girl looking at them all while only I am admiring the actual scenery :)

We’ll be back Trevignin!

After admiring some beautiful houses we folded the tent, packed the van and continued our trip towards Switzerland. Day one was a pretty darn wonderful one!


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