Miss Cheek

A couple of days ago when the sun was shining and the weather was particularly mild, it was the perfect moment for me to hang laundry and at the same time catch up on Alva’s vitamin D stock. But to avoid her crawling around eating dirt/leaves/ants etc that our little space up there is filled of, I decided to put her in her Moses basket to simplify things a bit. I do it from time to time but she is not fully satisfied with staying more than 15 minutes so I keep those minutes for “useful” things. Like laundry. Or coffee and an e-book.

While I stood there with my pegs at the ready, I just had to put them down and pull out the camera. She was so completely into her own thing and just sat there and had a chat with her book. Observing the quality of the basket, the stains on her dress and other random things. My beloved little child.

I think it’s the bee that makes her frown. She’s not sure about her feelings for them.

Just another ordinary day in the extraordinary life with Alva ♥

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