She did it!

Today we woke up almost at the same time Mathieu and me, around 6:30. I felt unusually rested and he was more awake then usual at that time so I asked him, did you feed Alva this night? Because I didn’t. His answer was no and that’s because Alva, for the first time in her life, really slept through all night! From 20-8, we are so proud of her! I read in a blog a couple of days ago that their trick to get their baby to sleep all night, was to stop the feedings. Alva usually gets a bottle at 20 and then one again around 23-midnight. To wake up again around 03-04 for another one… We’ve decided that when she wakes up at night, we will only give her water from now on. No more food at night!
In only two nights we changed this. Two nights people! By just stopping the night feeds! We should have done this so long ago but you can never know or plan anything so I don’t even want to think about that. A 10 months old baby CAN sleep 12 hours without food and should! So with no more food and only ‘lousy’ water in her bottle, she got the hint I think :D
These photos were taken a couple of days ago when she napped in our bed at daytime but the night time sleeping is now entirely in her own bed. Except when she’s sick or just waking up too early.

Small feet in big bed, I’m so in love in those feet.

My love ball!

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