• Alva 10 months •

On Sunday our love ball ‘turned’ 10 months. The most wonderful, love filled and happiest months in our lives. As yet. Every day we wonder how we did to create this tiny human that is so kind, calm and sweet. That does not cry unless it’s something that really bothers her, that smiles at us through everything and that melt our hearts each and every day.

She can be so quiet and do her own little thing that we almost forget about her sometimes. She plays with her toys, discovers the space around her or just observes something with eyes, hands and mouth. And speaking about mouth, this is the face she makes most for the moment. She tucks in her lip, bites it with her upper teeth and smiles. Sometimes she will add a fff sound to it, just to be even more darn cute!

But she can also be so serious and profoundly observe the world around her before she takes action. She’s gentle, careful and cautious. If we say no she will listen and stop. Even though she will try again a couple seconds later. But she listens and sometimes she even goes somewhere she’s not supposed to, looks at me and hesitate. She’s aware.

The behind the scenes pics are a must when it’s daddy who’s helping! In the beginning when she was newborn and up until 6 months it was easy to take these photos by myself. I put her there and she stayed. No freaking way she does that now. She’ll twist and turn and try to eat the letters if I let her out of sight for a second. So we needed an assistant and got the most handsome one! :)

Hiya papa!

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