Spring signs

Yesterday I took Alva on a walk to get her to nap. She had been awake for two hours in the middle of the night and was so grumpy I though some fresh air would make her good and get her to sleep. It did not work as planned for the napping part but her grumpiness went away and we enjoyed the gorgeous weather that smelt so much like spring.

The almond tree in the corner of the street is blooming and the bees were so happy about it and if the bees are pleased, so am I!

The day we have a garden I want to plant one almond tree for each of our children, they are so beautiful.


We matched perfectly but she couldn’t care less ;) I’m so glad I got her those dungarees in manchester fabric (corduroy?), she’s been wearing them every other day. Perfect for crawling on cold floors, it’s an extra tummy warmer.

This is what made her happy, the gravel! So much fun apparently. My difficulty here was to take her picture while avoiding any going into her mouth. Because gravel is delicious right?

Those cheeks! ♥

Today I’m taking care of laundry, ironing and the gazillion of lego still shattered on the floor in the kid’s room. Sometimes I like to leave it like the boys left it, makes them present in some kind of way, but with Alva crawling around everywhere it’s just not possible anymore. But first – lunch!

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