Sunshine and momjeans

Today is Valentines day and it should be all about lovelovelove but let’s check out what we did Yesterday first! :) It was errand day and freezing cold, the thermometer (i.e. the iphone) showed a shivering +3 even thought the sun was shining so I dressed Alva and myself in many layers to get outside. This winter has been so cold for the south of France and I’m enjoying every day of it, I love winter and I need the seasons, it makes me happy. But, anyways, once we were done with all the errands and we arrived at Viggo’s school I saw that we had a good half hour before we should pick him up. So we took a stroll in the nearby park. It was so lovely in the sunshine and after a short walk we stopped to admire those big trees and have a fruit purée for snack.

Alva might have been a bit less enthusiastic about it all but that’s because of the lost nap. We were at the bank when she should have been napping but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

I, on the other hand, was enthusiastic about my new jeans btw, like really, really enthusiastic. I’ve been looking for a pair of momjeans that actually suits me without making me look ridiculous and I finally found them! It’s so comfy to cruise around in jeans that doesn’t “snug” anywhere. I’ve been wearing low waist jeans waaay too long.

She did wave once tho :)

Once back home I finally got to snap my new book, the lovely Botanicum and I’ll show you more of it, it’s so inspiring and makes me want to paint right away!

Have a lovely Wednesday ♥

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