Sunday pyjamas

When you have a 9 months old at home, sleep tend to be a constant topic and today is no exception. Alva has now slept two nights a row to only wake up once! Around midnight she wants a bottle and then she goes back to sleep to wake up around 8 as the boys! These two nights has been like heaven for us, sleeping at least six hours in a row does wonder to your soul! :)

She wakes up and seem to be on in a splendid mood too and I can already see how her dark circles has diminished #kidding

Love ball!

We got up at eight this morning, had breakfast and then went through plenty of clothes to sort out even more stuff. I’m in such a organizing and de-cluttering phase, it feels amazing! Then Alva napped and M took the boys to see an exposition of veteran cars that’s going on in our village and this afternoon it’s time for the yearly carnaval! Busy Sunday! :) What’s your plans?

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