Ikea and dungarees

Let’s check out what we did with our Thursday! First of all – this one slept until 10! She woke up a couple of times during the night coughing so she needed the rest I think. When she wakes up she has this completely foggy expression a bit lost, so cute. And those cheeks guys, I can’t get enough! May them never disappear :)

I had decided that we should go to Ikea and wanted to leave early so when M went to work I got up to have breakfast, coffee and a shower. It was a freezing 0 outside so I decided to just blow my hair and then put on a beanie without even try to make something with my hair. I take no more risks since the flu hit us. Then I put on make up and clothes and just enjoyed some time on bloglovin while Alva slept in. This made me realize even more how much I need to get up earlier and have some time for myself.

My little 70’s baby, I have a new found love for those dungarees in corduroy, I’m getting her some more I think it’s so cute and always reminds me of photos of myself at her age.

I got some huge plants at Ikea, along with some green velvet cushions for the sofa. I missed out on the pots though, I thought we had plenty but it turned out they were all way too small. Just have to go back to Ikea again, what a pitty ;)

That face. She has started to “check” with me when she does new things. Like here, she banged the piano against the window. And looked at me. ‘Not ok’ I said but she banged away anyways. Checking with mama doesn’t necessarily mean listen to mama…

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