Monday comeback


Oh boy what a week… Last Sunday I suddenly felt so weak and weird. Like I’m getting sick but without the normal signs like soar throat or runny nose. Just this heavy pressure on my chest. We went for a long bike ride with the kids and when we came back home I just fell on to the couch. And did not rise again since yesterday. Yup. I got a bronchitis with a whopping 39.6 degrees fever to go with. I have not moved from my spot in front of netflix on a whole week. My poor family. And poor kids! I managed to drive Viggo to school Monday because it hadn’t kicked in hardcore yet but on Tuesday I had to call and let them know I’d keep him with me. Impossible to drive the 15 minutes, I would even say dangerous. Wednesday school is off and Thursday Friday I drugged myself enough to take him. He had pool week and I felt so sorry for him staying home so I forced myself but then it took me all day to recover enough to drive back to get him.
Alva has been playing by herself all week but on Wednesday I heard her little chest squeak like mine and she’s been sick and kinda low key since. Now we’re both coughing like old ladies and naps three times as much.

I don’t think I had recovered this ‘quick’ if it wasn’t for Mathieu. That man. He went off to work at 7:30, came back around six and then had to take care of the kids, dinner, diapers, homework and bedtime. I just dragged myself upstairs to say good night and then fell back into the cushions and my fever chills while he took care of dishes and laundry. I love him so freaking much. When he came with wet, cold towels for my forehead I almost proposed.

So, you say, is the rant over yet? YES! Today I feel better. The fever is gone and I feel humain again. We’re both still sick and Alva will surely be for a couple of days but now I can care for her and just get back to normal life! And what does normal life start with? Coffee of course! So I went downstairs to make myself a big cup of latte this morning, I haven’t had one in a week, just to find that there’s no more milk… Oh noooooo

Well, well, I’ll just have to get us dressed in four layers, go out in the rain, slip and slide on the French cobblestone, say hello and politely listen while the local store owner will do his morning blabla and buy myself a bottle of milk. Easy peasy.

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