Alva slept through the night once again! From 20:30 to 05:40 without waking up! I so hope this will last, tomorrow the boys comes home again and we’ll see how it works to have three kids in the same room. Crossing my fingers!

Today I made a big batch of laundry and spent an hour hanging it up. Every time I go up on our roof terrace to do so, I bring Alva. She loves to crawl around and look for interesting things, discover corner she hasn’t been to yet and just enjoy being outside. And really, what’s not interesting when you are nine months old? EVERYTHING must be brought the your mouth and tasted, like today when she wanted to try the soil of one of our olive-trees… Gone are the days when I put her down on a blanket and she just stayed there.

This hat must be this season’s best buy. It’s so pretty, warm and she wears it almost every day, it fits everything. Too bad the pompoms constantly ‘opens up’ though, I have to find a way to sew them on there. I looked for another one on the website (it’s from Zara baby) but it’s sold out since long. But I’m loving it so much that I think I’ll open it up in the back and put in a piece of fabric to make it bigger, you think it would work?

This is so Alva, concentrated on something small like here with a clothespin (one of her passions), cheeks and mouth to die for and just so darn cute.

Happy baby, always happy. I love her so much.

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