• Alva 9 months •

On Wednesday our Babba ‘turned’ nine months old. Already. It’s insane. The days goes by so fast and carpe diem is more important than ever. Alva is now a babbling little girl who sits on the floor and plays quietly with her toys. Or stands on her knees against the high chair while trying to reach up as high as possible. But most of the time she chew on things. Toys, paper, things she finds under the dinner table, shoes, whatever comes in her way. Like a little puppy. Sometimes she will just shout out so loud it makes me jump, almost like the dinos in the kitchen scene in the first jurassic parc, you remember? LOL a real animal scream just because her soft toy won’t move towards her or she’s stuck under a chair or something. So much fun all day.


I have no idea how much she ways or her height, all I know that each day with her is awesome day. She discovers the world and we discover Alva. Her personality is amazing and as I wrote on instagram “She’s calm, afraid of nothing, never complains and only cries when she has to sleep in her own bed”. Stubborn a donkey is also on of her qualities. That sums it up. That’s Alva.


♥ ♥ ♥

Oh, I can add that she has 6 teeth, loves her bottle, new food and mama’s boobs. Now I’ll just try to weigh her to get that documented before her first birthday… Happy 9 month my lovely daughter!


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