A thursday in

Today we woke up with fever and aching gums. The boys are having some sort of quick cold, 39 degrees and soar throats since yesterday but they are already feeling better. Alva woke up 3-4 times this night (as usual since weeks) and you could almost think a snail just passed wherever she’s been, she is a serious drool machine. Those teeth are working.


We decided to do calm things like paint with the new set of pens that Viggo got from his birthday from my dad. Or watercolors. You can see how motivated Viggo was. My sick big baby.

This is Alva’s face for the moment, always drooling and doing strange things with her teeth. Poor thing.

We did manage to do one thing today though, her 9 month portrait with the letter board beside her! That’s a really good thing since the 6 and 7th I took on the same day and the 8th is still not done. And will be faked in the coming days. Not easy to have ONE thing to do in the month. LOL.

Tomorrow we’ll see if someone is good for school or if it’s another day in. Nighty night.

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