Rising high

We have a stander! A couple of days ago Alva grabbed the border of her playpen and shook it like a prisoner, so fun to watch :) She’s now half standing in her bed aswell so we had to take it down one level. She’s now officially no newborn anymore #sobsobsob

To picture her like this in her playpen isn’t really the truth though since we put it away to have room for the Christmas tree but we spent the weekend in M’s parents empty house so we installed it there instead.

At our place she’s crawling around like GI Jane, only using the right arm, but it’s just a matter of days now before she’s starts walking on all fours!

This is so Alva, laying there by herself, talking a bit, examine a toy and maybe chew on it for some extra fun. So nice, kind and silent. I kid you not when I say she can lay there for an hour without asking for me once. Amazing.

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