Alva’s first doll house

This is a an old doll house that’s been hiding in the boys room for quite a while now. It’s not an old like vintage or thrifted, it’s a DIY house we bought a couple of years ago and then just simple forget about. The kids have been using it as fortress or hide out for their soft toys but yesterday I decided to finally make something with it. Voilà Alva’s first doll house!

I got some inspiration from pinterest and I made a board that you can check out here. I want it to be as decorative as it can be fun, I want it to be pretty but not a “no-touch-thing” you know. My fun is going to be the making and their fun is to play. Fair deal ;) So this morning I took Alva to the hard ware store to buy some paint and begin the exterior. I found these really gorgeous colours with a matte finish and I can’t wait to begin.

This is going to be the kitchen I think.

I picked white and Gustavian grey and I think it will be really pretty.

I had already began to customize a bit but apparently it wasn’t kid proof. This time around they won’t free access to this little gem :D Hope you will follow along on my little DIY adventure!

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