Winter stories

When we arrived in the alps the sun shined from a clear, blue sky. That did not last. The rest of the week it snowed almost all the time. The kids were delighted and honestly me too. Even if it makes things a bit more complicated, more layers, more wet glowes and no vision at all on the slopes, it made me so delighted to finally feel real winter!

When it snowed too much we stayed in and played games, ate a lot of chocolate and just lazied around in different sofas around the house.

But once it stopped we rushed outside to play! Alva discovered the joys of snow and sleghing and it was seriously amazing seeing my daughter (still weird to say it, I have a girl!) sitting there all calm, tasting the snow, lauging and just taking it in. I remember Viggo’s first encounter with the cold white and I can tell you that it wasn’t the same… Alva even fell over with her face down, looked up with snow on her nose and just went on. Like she’s been doing it since forever. Amaze ball. Sure is my gal! :)

Viggo rushed to be the first to drag her around, he might have been the reason she dipped in to the snow more than once :D

Such a happy little love ball

Girls talk


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