My next capsule buys

In January I always want to start fresh and change things. Classic but true. So I went through my wardrobe again to declutter even more and get a better vision of all my clothes. It felt like I had several tops and knits but not a single bottom. We spent an entire evening Mathieu and me (yes my dear love put up with me trying clothes for hours, thank you baby) and the final result was 2 jeans and 1 pant that fit me! I’ve lost almost all the extra kilos since the pregnancy but it seems like I have changed my body shape. And there’s still that fancy roll around my tummy that might never disappear… So all the other (20 pairs I kid you not) pants went into bags and on to the pile for flea market days. It felt so good! My closet is so, so empty and in the morning it takes me like 2 minutes to get dressed. Like a guy! :)

But I felt that I had to complete my capsule wardrobe still. To have at least 5 bottoms, 10-15 tops/knits/hoods and some solid classic sneakers to match with. Just adding to complete, not buying for the buying. I definitely want to keep it simple and only buy things I really need. These are three things I’m getting for now, I might get some other things since the winter sales just started here in France.

A jogging pant from Zara, super comfortable and with a fun detail. This is going to fit with a bunch of stuff in my wardrobe.


The Adidas Stan Smith, fits to absolutely everything.

I’d love to get these beauties from Sézane but with a price tag of 95€ I went for these and these from Asos instead, I’ll keep the one that fits me best!

First photo from Pella Hedeby

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